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The custom bonus shortcodes become available after installing and activating the ACES Gambling plugin.

[aces-bonuses-1 items_number="8" external_link="1" category="" items_id="" columns="4" order="" orderby="" title="Shortcode #1"]

The available shortcode settings:

items_number – The number of items to display.
external_link – Allow external link for the button. Available values: 1 or 0.
category – Category ID. It is possible to add multiple IDs separated by commas.
items_id – Bonus IDs separated by commas. Sort by order of IDs.
columns – The number of columns. Available values: 1, 2, 3, or 4.
order – The ascending or descending order. Available values: ASC or DESC.
orderby – Sort bonuses by parameter. Available value: name.
title – The shortcode title.

Important notice!

Before updating or any changes, be sure to backup your site.